Multi Purpose Hall

Our 180 square metre hall is a large and comfortable space ideal for a wide range of activities from music and drama to night-time and wet-weather programs. This room is acoustically designed to suit music groups for rehearsals and concert performances. We also have a piano and drum kit available.


Music Hall

Our new hall is 160 square metres. This hall was purposely designed for music training and has a smaller tutorial room attached. This hall has an organ available if required.

Both halls have wood fired heaters making it cosy and warm in the winter.


Dinning Room

Our Dining Room has split-system air conditioning and can accommodate up to 120 people at a time. Tables and chairs are set up at all times between meals allowing the room to be used for diary writing, table games, craft or other indoor activities that require a table.

The front verandah has been extended & covered and has wooden tables and chairs set up at all times also. This makes it an ideal setting for wet-weather activities and casual mealtimes such as lunches, morning and afternoon tea breaks or just relaxing.


Recreation Room

The informal recreation room is 70 square metres in area and is used for ‘free time’ indoor activities such as Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Foosball, Pool, or relaxing by the wood fire heater watching the 42inch Plasma TV, DVD’s or listening to CD’s. The room also has split-system air conditioning.


Campfire Shed

A purpose built campfire shed allows campers to enjoy a traditional outdoor campfire with the convenience of a shelter for wet conditions. The shed also has a barbeque facility for groups to use for that authentic BBQ taste.



Our kitchen facilities are equipped to provide full catering to the entire dining room for all meals. We also have split-system air conditioning provided for your comfort.

Good wholesome food is important for a successful camp. At Ferngully Lodge we pride ourselves in serving generous amounts of nutritious and appetising food.

Discuss any special menus or dietary needs with us before your camp.  We’re happy to meet your particular program needs, such as providing prepared lunches for excursions.